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Corporate policy for health, safety and environment (HSE) 

Main provisions of the Policy
Nafta Engineering Refinery management believes that the HSE management system is a crucial element of efficient production control and is committed to the successful management of occupational risks related to impacts on employees' life and health, equipment, property, and the environment.

No economic, technical or other considerations shall be taken into account at the expense of the safety of workers, the general community, or the environment.

The Company makes a continuous effort to improve its performance in the area of health, safety and environment and strives to:
    - Decrease the number of industrial injuries, occupational diseases, accidents, and adverse environmental impact on a consistent basis.
    - Ensure production safety and environmental protection by implementing a single integrated HSE management system at Nafta Engineering Refinery production facilities by the      year 2011. The system will employ key processes for hazard identification, occupational risk assessment and management.
    - Introduce the best global practices related to HSE methods, technology and management at all Nafta Engineering Refinery production facilities on an ongoing basis.

To the Company's commitment to industrial and environmental safety, occupational safety and civil protection:
    - Creating conditions for HSE activities, including methods of motivation and involvement, so that each Nafta Engineering Refinery PJSC employee is aware of and responsible for      his/her own safety and the safety of others and has the right to stop and/or refuse the performance of any activity if it poses a threat to the life or health of the employee or      others.

    - Introducing, supporting and continuously improving efficient HSE management systems at the Company in compliance with international and national standards.
    - Consistently implementing a wide range of preventative measures to decrease the likelihood of accidents based on the understanding that any planned or current              business operation of Nafta Engineering Refinery or its subsidiaries or affiliates involves potential hazards.

    - Continuously improving working conditions, industrial and environmental safety, and monitoring such improvements.
    - Complying with applicable legal requirements while using all available economically feasible possibilities to mitigate risks beyond the scope of legal requirements.
    - Ongoing efforts to increase the employees' level of knowledge, competence and awareness with regard to health, safety and environment using different types of training and       guidance.

    - Providing the resources necessary for the implementation of the HSE Policy.
    - Introducing the relevant management methods for third parties and business partners of Nafta Engineering Refinery  PJSC to enforce compliance with the Policy's requirements      when they are engaged in operations at Nafta Engineering Refinery companies and facilities.

    - The transparency of, and easy access to, HSE figures through the appropriate exchange of information and dialogue with all stakeholders
    - Timely updates and communication of corporate HSE Policies to all Gazprom Neft Group employees and interested third parties.

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